The dangers of running a church Whatsapp group

It is the duty of pastors and church leaders to ensure the safety and livelihood of their congregation both inside and outside of the church. Many churches run Whatsapp groups yet are blissfully unaware of the dangers they present to the very people they are shepherding.

Whatsapp, although very effective at personal communication (some would say too effective!), is not as safe as you may think for small to large groups, such as church groups.

Having an open communication platform that allows anyone to view profiles, view numbers or engage with others, especially children pose a greater threat to your church than you may think. Approximately one in four women and one in six men have been sexually abused as children. The statistics are horrendous. it is the duty of church leaders to ensure that we do not add to these statistics, but rather do everything we can to limit the interaction between potential child predators and the children in our care.

Does your church have a Whatsapp group for church notifications and event management? Perhaps it’s time to rethink your communication strategy and move toward a more secure, robust and effective tool.

There are many alternative methods of communication that a church may incorporate. It is my view that all churches should disband and delete any form of Whatsapp or Telegram groups and move towards one of the following:

If you’re looking to create a smooth transition from Whatsapp to another communication platform, consider using eDisciples. The platform allows you to send either SMS, email or in-app messages via a dedicated church app tailored to your church.

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