Introducing eDisciples

A few months ago I became frustrated by the way we, as leaders of a church, were handling general administration, communication, and growth. I decided that simply running a church communication strategy through Whatsapp and outdated Facebook pages along with an incomplete and broken website were not conducive enough to do our part in building the Kingdom.


I decided to knuckle down and build something that would inspire pastors, church leaders, and bible teachers to focus on what they do best – build the Kingdom and raise disciples. Our time as leaders should not be bogged down with excel spreadsheets to manage church members, or sending out Whatsapp messages to an open group.

I’ve identified a few pain points with which we will attempt to alleviate:

  • Using Whatsapp and Facebook as a form of communication, which is dangerous, ineffective and becomes a nuisance.
  • The inability to send messages to certain groups of members on the fly
  • The inability to have comprehensive rosters and task sheets assigned to leaders and volunteers
  • Creating and managing spreadsheets with member information
  • The inability to protect members’ personal contact numbers and information from potential predators on Whatsapp or Telegram
  • Storing and keeping sensitive information on church members for use in counseling.
  • Having a “one-stop-shop” for church management, managing a church app and creating and managing a church website

The over-arching goal

Ultimately, I seek to alleviate all pain points mentioned above as well as any others that I find along the way. The over-arching goal of eDisciples is to allow the church to focus on what it should be doing in the most effective and constructive manner. I envisage to become a fundamental tool to help churches grow and manage themselves more effectively.

Paul used the Roman road network to spread the Gospel, reach the lost and raise disciples. Today, we use eDisciples.

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