How to Live Stream your Church Service

Live streaming can be a daunting task for any church looking to break away from the traditional methods of delivering sermons. Added to that pressure is the fact that church leaders will now have to source a system that they can use in order to live stream their church service, and battle with all the complexities of this task.

Facebook / YouTube

Sourcing the right software can be as easy as using Facebook‘s or YouTube‘s live streaming services. However, these services have both their pros and cons, and it’s important to assess these in light of dealing with church services.

Facebook is a great way to quickly get set up and start streaming. As easy as it is, it lacks some basic essentials that a church requires in order to better take care of the flock. YouTube also falls short. Both live streaming services offer quick “plug and play” live streaming yet they fail to provide you with detailed statistics of which of your members watched the video, and how long they spent watching. This is vital information for any church leader as its as important as taking an attendance register.

Church leaders need to know who they are reaching, and more importantly, who they are NOT reaching during a service. It’s easy enough to physically see who is absent from church on during a Sunday service, but not so easy when doing online streaming.

We need something better.

Enter, eDisciples

eDisciples have created a live streaming service specifically designed for churches. eDisciples uses the same technology that both Facebook and YouTube make use of to deliver live streams. It’s super quick and easy to set up a stream.

Furthermore, the following features really allow this streaming service to stand out from the traditional services:

  • Church members are automatically notified when a new stream is created (similar to YouTube’s subscription notifications)
  • Outsiders (visitors, non-members) can also view the stream
  • You can set the streaming quality from the start. This is perfect for those users worried about mobile data usage
  • A live chat can be added to the stream for viewers to engage with one another
  • Detailed statistics about who watched the stream and how long they watched it for is available after the session
  • Streams can automatically be restreamed to your Facebook and YouTube page
  • Streams can be started via desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet
  • Streams can be recorded and downloaded once the session is complete

As you can see from the above features, using eDisciples over the main live streaming solutions provides greater benefits for church leaders to assess their effectiveness of their reach and ministry.

To set up live streaming for your church services, simply register an account with eDisciples and activate the ‘Podium’ feature.

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