3 reasons NOT to build your own church mobile app

As we progress through this difficult time, it’s becoming necessary to find innovative ways to keep your church engaged. Churches are finding it hard to distribute content to members and keep tabs of who is falling through the cracks. That proverbial one “lost sheep” is starting to turn into a flock that feels unorganized and scattered. Something needs to be done.

We’ve found that one of the knee-jerk reactions during this time is for churches to want to start building their own mobile app. They believe this will allow their members to stay in touch and keep and nurture a sense of community. Although their belief is right, their intended action of how to do it is not.

There are three main reasons why churches should not build their own mobile app.


A custom church mobile app may cost anywhere from $500 to over $100k depending on what you build and who you use. if you decide to go for the low range, you will inevitably land up with a mobile app that is short of functionality, looks poor and frustrates your members. On the other hand, if you decide to spend a large portion of your budget, you may end up with a good enough app, but was the money well spent?

As stewards of God’s finances on this earth, we need to be super careful of how to spend His money. Excess funds should go towards helping the widows and orphans and uplifting the community.

Why spend $10k on an app, when you could simply get the best church mobile app available on the market for only $39/month?


In addition to the issue of expense, time is a major factor when developing an app from scratch. Finding the right developer is only a small part of the project. Keep in mind as well, that you would need to find both an Android and an iOS developer, and both don’t come cheap. The app would need to built to cater to both mobile operating systems which requires in-depth and comprehensive project management skills.

Here at eDisciples, we’ve spent the last 12 months building our cloud-hosted church mobile app. We have a team of 6 developers that are working full-time. In short, we’ve most likely spent in excess of 11 000 hours developing eDisciples.

Time is a valuable commodity in God’s Kingdom. As a pastor or leader, that time should be spent uplifting and engaging with your community, not project managing a mobile app development.

It’s completely unnecessary

Pastors and church leaders should focus on what they do best – building God’s Kingdom and raising disciples. Why spend so much money, time and effort building out an app when you can simply make use of a cloud hosted solution right off the bat? As appealing as it may seem to build your own app, it’s imperative that we move quickly during this time to ensure our community, our flock and our administration is as engaged and effective as possible.

Using a ready-made, cloud hosted mobile app for your church is the only way to go. Consider using the eDisciples mobile app for your church. it’s not only the most beautiful and modern app on the app store, it provides you with all the features you would need to keep your church engaged: manage members, handle communication, manage events, upload and distribute sermons, allow members to send prayer requests, two way communication, group chats and much, much more.

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