Questions to ask yourself to improve your church

As we progress in building the Kingdom, there are certain times we need to take a step back and evaluate our efforts. Sometimes we may be hitting brick walls in certain areas and blazing ahead in others. The following questions will help you think about what changes may be required in order to further improve the efficacy of your church.

  1. What are the three things our church does really well?
  2. What are the three things our church needs help with?
  3. Are the church finances being managed correctly?
  4. Can we identify upcoming leaders?
  5. Which home cell groups need help?
  6. Do we have enough home cell groups?
  7. What Bible study topics should the home cell groups tackle next?
  8. What is the salvation percentage of our church? How can we increase this?
  9. Are we doing enough to help our community?
  10. Do we handle first-time visitors correctly?
  11. Do we handle second-time visitors correctly?
  12. Are we actively getting to know new congregants?
  13. Do we have a management system that helps us keep track of congregants and new members?
  14. Is our church communication effective?
  15. Have we set up a roster for volunteers to help?
  16. Do we delegate tasks or are we all over capacity?
  17. Do we give too many tithing messages?
  18. Are we actively seeking the lost via outreach programs?
  19. Are we actively training and discipling those that show a keen interest in the Word?
  20. Do we evaluate ourselves often?

By running through the above questions and plotting down the answers on a piece of paper, you should soon have an idea of how things can be improved. Some items may be quick-wins and others may take time. However, it is incredibly important to evaluate oneself and your church to ensure that your focus is correctly aligned to building the Kingdom and raising disciples (Matt 28)

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